Quality Jobs Tax Credit

May be used to reduce state payroll withholding liability


Incentive: Tax credit of $2,500 to $5,000 per job, per year for the first five years of each qualifying job that is created during a seven-year window after the project qualifies

The exact value of each Quality Jobs Tax Credit depends on the wages of the new employees compared to the average wage of the county where the jobs are located.

 Average Wage Requirement
(% Of County Average)

Tax Credit Value Per New Quality Job
(For 5 years)

 ≥110% and <120%


 ≥120% and <150%


 ≥150% and <175%


 ≥175% and <200%


 200% or greater


Download average county wages (PDF)


  • Jobs must be net new jobs to Georgia
  • Project must create at least 50 qualifying jobs during a 24-month period
  • Jobs must pay at least 110% of the average wage in the county where they are located

Using the Credits:

  • Credits are first applied to 100% of state corporate income tax liability.
  • Excess credits are eligible for use against state payroll withholding.
  • Credits may be carried forward for 10 years.

In addition:

  • New jobs that do not qualify for Quality Job Tax Credits may be eligible for the Job Tax Credit if they meet those requirements

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To get help expanding or relocating a business in Georgia, contact the Georgia Department of Economic Development or call 404.962.4000.

To get help with specific tax questions for a business in Georgia, contact the Georgia Department of Revenue.

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